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Warning, graphics here, dial up users have been warned.

Hi, my name is Laura, and I am new to the Nick Brendon communities. I LOVE Nick and I just think he was the cutest male on Buffy, ever. No, I'm not biased. :D So, for my first post, I have a little of everything.

I found a new article today, saying Nicky was doing a new movie, and was wondering if anyone had heard anything about it yet? Warning, there are film spoilers.

January 18: Filmmaker talks UNHOLY, starring Barbeau & Brendon

FANGORIA just got the details on UNHOLY, a new horror yarn starring Nicholas (BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER) Brendon and Adrienne (THE FOG) Barbeau. Lensing in Northern New Jersey and Queens, New York, the film deals with a grieving mother (Barbeau) who uncovers a conspiracy dealing with Nazi witchcraft. Daryl Goldberg makes his directorial debut on the film, with fellow NYU grad Sam Stephen Freeman serving as executive producer (with Joshua Blumenfeld) and screenwriter. Thomas (BLADES) Rondinella produces. Besides Barbeau and Brendon, UNHOLY also features Susan (THE FACULTY) Willis, Siri (BLOOD ANGELS) Baruc, Richard Ziman, Cheyenne Casebier and Joe McKenna in the cast.

"The film starts off with Martha [Barbeau] coming home to find her daughter Hope locked in the cellar, contemplating suicide," Freeman, an associate producer on ZOMBIE HONEYMOON, tells Fango. "Despite a heart-wrenching attempt to stop her, Martha fails. Hope doesn’t give a reason, but her last words are, ‘Beware of the experiment.’ While delving into the reasons for her daughter’s suicide and the secretive cellar Hope spent most of her time in, Martha, along with her son Lucas [Brendon], uncovers a conspiracy involving an experiment called ‘The Unholy Trinity,’ which involves Nazi witchcraft that our very own government smuggled into small-town Pennsylvania following World War II.

"The plot is based on real myth," Freeman continues. "Legend says the government continues to utilize unwilling subjects around Dowington, PA to progress the outstanding technology the Nazis started. Was Hope one of the lab rats? In their search for answers, Martha and Lucas find themselves as targets of an unknown enemy and unravel truths that should have never been brought to light…"

Freeman says that he has gathered a very horror-friendly team, beginning with himself. "It was only a few years ago that I was attending the FANGORIA conventions, and now I am trying to do my best to add to this wonderful genre."

Then, I have some of my favorite Nicky pictures. You all have probably all seen these already. If so, I'm sorry, but he just looks so good in these... they're my favorites.

I also made a few Nicky icons if you want. They're just bases, totally customizable, but they're free for the taking.

And lastly, a little begging, also properly cut tagged...

I play Emma Caulfield in a celebrity rpg game. I am in desperate need of a mature, responsible writer for a Nicky Brendon for a sl with me. I will make a paid account with 50 icons and do the layout. I am content in bribing for a good Nicky. Please contact me first via this post, and I'll get back to you with my email and AIM sn. I am looking for someone responsible in their writing, perhaps someone who is also a fan fiction author.

Format: Celebrity RPG
Community: LiveJournal
Name: After Celebrity
Website: http://www.aftercelebrity.com

Contact AND comment: AC Maintainer Make sure to read the guidelines in his journal's post.
EMAIL(QUESTIONS ONLY): after_celebrity_rpg@yahoo.com
You will need to be "RECC'D IN" by a current member. What does that mean? A current AC member must vouch for you. This keeps the community free from un-needed drama.
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