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Danger! I laugh in the face of danger...

And then I hide until it goes away

Nicholas Brendon Fans
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Hello everyone! This is a community dedicated to the lovely and talented Nicholas Brendon, and his character on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Xander Harris. Looking around Livejournal, I realized that there didn't seem to be a journal devoted to this wonderful actor, so I said, hey, why don't I start one.

1. Let's all be nice to one another - that means no flaming or anything of that kind.

2. Discussions should be pretty much related to Nicholas Brendon, Xander, or any of his other characters. Pretty much anything about any of that stuff is good. General Buffy talk is also ok.

3. If posting pictures, especially more than one or a large file, please use an lj-cut for those people who have slow connections.

Other than that, simply enjoy!

Check out brendon_daily for all your picture-related NB needs. :o)